Guys, Portuguese chicken is actual life. There's nothing quite like biting into a crispy, succulent, flavourful chicken, dripping with piri piri sauce and actual happiness.

And although Montreal has tons of awesome places to nosh on this delightful dish, there's absolutely nothing like discovering a brand new place to devour your fave meal.

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Restaurant 3734 (3734 Rue Notre-Dame O), situated in Montreal's Saint-Henri, is exactly one such restaurant.

Serving up Portuguese chicken and other Portuguese delights, such as cod fritters and grilled octopus, 3734 has clearly got the

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That's not all 3734's about, though. This Sud-Ouest eatery has also got one seriously hip bar, trendy vibe, and some incredibly yummy-sounding desserts, like homemade ice cream, natas (!!) and donuts.

Plus, bonus points for having an adjacent grocery store, so you can pick up all your fave ingredients and attempt to recreate something fantastic in the comfort of your own home.

Sound like one seriously tasty discovery? Check out their Facebook page for more information.

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