Montreal is pretty famous worldwide for its underground city. That's probably because they imagine we have a some kind of limitless amount of underground passageways that allow us to wander around downtown without ever having to go outside.

Now, while the network isn't as vast as most people imagine it, it is still significantly large.

Montreal Souterrain recently updated their map of the underground city to show how easily the paths can be navigated.

For example, if it was too cold and rainy to walk outside, you could easily make it from Places des Arts all the way to the Bell Center without ever being exposed to the elements.

So the next time you're feeling like a vampire and you want to avoid direct sunlight at all costs, simply pull out this detailed map of Montreal's Secret underground passages and plan your route.

Photo cred- Montreal Souterrain

For more information on the underground city, check out Montreal Souterrain's website.

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