Not many people know this, but there exists a zoo near Montreal unlike any other you've seen before.

In fact, it's hard to even call it a zoo, considering the animals are allowed to roam free.

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It's called Parc Omega and it's located in Montebello, Quebec.

The Photographer Shawn Bennet A.k.a. @yukon_jak headed up there to snap some photos, and he created a photo album of all the amazing creatures you can meet in the park.

There are 15 species of animals spread out across several different environments, including a forest, a meadow, a mountain, lakes and the boreal region.

But don't be afraid, Parc Omega encourages people to make a first contact with the animals.

So you won't just be admiring the animals, you'll be interacting with them as well.

Check out Parc Omega's website here.

And for more fantastic photography, check out Shawn Bennett A.k.a. Yukon Jack's Instagram here.

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