A lot of Nirvana's biggest fans these days were basically toddlers when the band was in their prime, which means that we never had the opportunity to watch them live. In 1991, Nirvana played at Montreal's very own Foufounes Electriques and we've stumbled upon incredibly raw footage of their show.

This is Kurt Cobain happy and loving life. This is Nirvana as we should remember them. This is the calm before the storm, when their only concern was making music that spoke to the misunderstood and overlooked part of their generation.


This show actually only had an audience of about 150 people and it was right before "Smells Like Teen Spirit" blew up on the charts. What we wouldn't give to go back in time and see this - anyone have a DeLorean we can borrow?


These videos are especially fitting since the 20th anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death is right around the corner. Turn the volume up and enjoy.


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