True talk: dogs are my actual life. If there's a dog within three meteres of me at any time, it's getting a pat. I don't even care. 

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Naturally, you can imagine just how much I keep up with all the dogs needing to be adopted in the city. It's a lot, friends, and since I (very sadly) cannot adopt them all, I thought I'd share them with a few people who just might be able to.


This adorable Pekignese is 3 years old, making her still super young. Check out the Animatch website for more information on Jada!


A six-month-old Husky mix, this too cute for words pup is energetic and affectionate. Find out how to adopt him on his Petfinder profile.


Margo is a four-month-old husky who is housetrained. She's good with children, although she does tend to jump (like most puppies do). For more information, check her out on Petfinder.


Spock is a 1 year old male Pomeranian who's super energetic and full of life. He needs an experienced companion; someone who can help train and socialize him. For more information check out Spock on Animatch.


This cute little doggy needs a calm, peaceful home to match his super chill and charming personality. His history is unknown so they're not sure what kind of breed he is, but one thing's for sure - he's adorable. Check him out on the Sophie's Dog Adoption Facebook page.


This above and beyond adorable mixed breed puppy is super cute, and available through Montreal's SPCA. Check out his Petfinder profile for more.


Tammie is a Husky/Golden Retriever mix who is seriously beautiful. She's affectionate and charming, and is looking for the right forever home. You can check her out on the Gerdy's Facebook page.


This Malamute/Husky mix is seriously adorable. Not only is she beautiful to look at, but she's also a super good-natured and awesome companion. Check her out on Gerdy's Rescues & Adoptions' Facebook.


This adorable, curious 10 month old husky is one seriously awesome dog. He's got a neurological problem that might make it a little more difficult for him to walk, but TBH, that doesn't even matter. Check him out on Animatch.


Although this beauty is technically not a puppy, she's unbelievably adorable. Charly's got a couple of healthy problems, so before you adopt, make sure you'll be able to take proper care of her; and check out her Animatch profile right here.

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