It’s time to get excited Montreal, because we have the ultimate summer day trip lined up for you.

Have you ever seen those gigantic labyrinths in the movies and thought to yourself: “I could escape that, no problem.”

Well now’s your chance to put your survival skills to the test by losing yourself in a giant wooden labyrinth.

Just a few minutes from Quebec city, you'll find Aventure Inukshuk, a company that specializes in outdoor activities such as dog-sledding, snowmobile trips and even bear watching.

But the coolest activity on site has to be their famous Wooden Labyrinth.

The maze is a 12 sided structure standing 2.5 meter high.

It includes 275 individual doors and paths that send you twisting an turning as you desperately try to reach the center.

The maze is great for family groups as well. It's open to all ages and strollers are welcome.

For more information check out Adventure Inukshuk's website.

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