Going through a break up is really hard. It can even make you do things that you wouldn't normally do because you're hurt.

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But instead of going to your ex's house and murder his family, you should try to do those things in Montreal that let you think about something else:

1. Throw plates to an innocent wall

4653 Boulevard St Laurent

After a breakup what we usually want to do is eat and let go of our anger, and Robin des Bois let you to both. When you finish with your desserts you can throw plates to a wall in a room called Salle de défoulement. They also give you a sharpie to write everything you want on the plates. Plus, this restaurant is a non-profit organization and donates all its profits to organizations working directly in the urban setting.


2. Surround yourself with plants 


Une photo publiée par @valerie.soulard le

4626 Sherbrooke 

Westmount Greenhouse is the perfect place to read or just think.

3. Let the anger out of your body

6000 Boul Métropolitain E

You definitely need to go to Maniax because there is nothing more fun than throwing axes and pretending that your ex is the target.


4. Mentally kill someone you don't like

Une photo publiée par Em (@em_andrews_) le

5186 Chemin Queen Mary

Tir du Soleil is the only place in Montreal where you can use a gun without a license. Just don't sneak out a gun because I can't guarantee you that you won't end up in prison.


5. Shoot arrows at your friends

Don't worry, the arrows at Dodge Bow won't hurt them. It's the best way to boost your mood after a breakup because it is fun and it makes you exercise which will release endorphins and makes you really happy.


6. Blow off some steam at Rage Montreal

1436 Rue Amherst

Refer to number 2.


 7. Regenerate your skin naturally

Bota Bota

Wash away every mark of your ex from your body by doing the water circuit at Bota Bota.


8. Meet new people at the museum

185 Rue Sainte-Catherine

The Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal will make you feel like you're stepping into another world full of beauty and it will make you forget about your situation.


9. "Happiness is a fresh new haircut"

1221 Avenue Bernard

Local B will definitely help you have a new start.


10. Hit the gym

Just like the new haircut, going to a gym will help you get better and it will be easier to move on. If working out becomes part of your routine, you'll soon have a smoking hot body to show off.

11. Go to the candy shop

1741 Rue Saint-Denis

I understand that after a breakup most of us don't want to see anyone so just buy a shit load of candies at Sucre Bleu then watch Netflix for as long as you want. Comedy TV shows are the best. 

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