Alright, guys, I don't know if you know, but Montreal's La Poutine Week is coming up really, really soon.

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La Poutine Week is basically one week out of the year when restaurants compete to see who has the best poutine dish in the city. During this week, poutines are cheap, good, and super, super creative.

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This year, La Poutine Week in Montreal is happening on February 1-7, and tons of Montreal restaurants are dishing out their best poutine dishes.

50 Montreal restaurants will be participating, and all the poutines look awesome. Our friends over at Narcity Montreal picked their 15 favourites, though, and we figured we'd give our picks for the craziest poutines this year, too.

1. Le P’tit Creux de Plateau

233 Ave des Pins E

Featuring plantains, taragaon sauce, coleslaw, and griots, this Haitian spin on the classic Quebec poutine is sure to be amazing.


2. Le Bird Bar

1800 Rue Notre-Dame O

Guys, Le Bird Bar is love - so naturally, any poutine they do is going to be awesome. Their entry for La Poutine Week has popcorn fried chicken, fried onions, wagyu pogo slices, tomato chutney, spicy mustard sauce, Frito crunchies, and pickled jalapeno and corn.


3. Notre Boeuf De Grace

5732 Rue Sherbrooke O

With fries, jalapenos, caramelized onions, goat cheese, and house-made croquettes with medjool dates, this poutine is a definite must-try.


4. Taverne F

1485 Rue Jeanne-Mance

Honestly, this poutine seems amazing. It's got fries and cheese curds, but also Sao Jorge cheese, garlic olive oil, white wine sauce, seared beef sirloin... and a sunny side up egg.


5. Birona Hummus Bar

5417 Boul St-Laurent

Literally, a poutine on a bed of hummus... I cannot express how excited I am for this one.


6. Medley Simple Malt

6206 Rue St-Hubert

Have you ever eaten poutine out of a pitcher? Because I think it's time you eat a poutine out of a pitcher and knock that one off your bucket list.


7. Monsieur Restaurant & Bar

1102 Rue de Bleury

This poutine features shredded braised chicken, lemon confit, and green olive gravy. Delicious? You know it!


8. Taberna

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368 Rue Saint-Paul O

Legit, there is nothing on this earth like a Portuguese poutine. Featuring cheese curds and Sao Jorge cheese, as well as chunks of chourico and Portugese chicken, this is a winning recipe for sure.


9. Campo

1108 Boulevard de Maisonneuve O

A fresh take on Portuguese poutine, Campo's version features grilled chicken, fries, cheese curds, Sao Jorge cheese, homemade chicken sauce, and yummy chourico chips.


10. Le Smoking BBQ

2186 St-Catherine O

Legit, if you're looking for a poutine feast, look no further. This one features crispy coated cheese curds, caramelized onions, 18 hour applewood smoked beef, spiced pork belly, homemade barbecue and poutine sauces, and an Argentinian-style marinade called salsa criolla.


11. Paulo & Suzanne

5501 Boul Gouin O

This, friends, is a poutine submarine. Featuring cheese, Angus minced meat, onions and fried mushrooms, and pico de gallo, this delicious sub is made epic by the addition of (you guessed it) a generous, delicious helping of poutine.


12. Burger Bar Crescent

A classic poutine featuring braised beef, red wine, bacon, porcini mushrooms, and pearl onions, this is sure to blow your mind - and tastebuds - wide open.

11. Grill N Go

1761 Rue Fleury E

Poutine and Italian food lovers, this one's for you. With beer battered fries, rose meat sauce, and parmesan shavings, this poutine is sure to hit all the right spots.


14. Chez Chose

1879 Rue Bélanger

Alright, friends, prepare yourselves for this one. Poutine with shrimpo from Sept-Iles, seal tataki, bechamel sauce, lobster oil coleslaw, house-smoked char, and more? Um, sign me TF up, please.


15. Grillades Da Silva

926 Rue Sainte-Catherine E

Seafood lovers, this one's for you. Featuring pork, paprika, clam-spiced filet mignon, veal juice, and white wine sauce, this awesome poutine should absolutely not be something you pass up on.


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