Guys, it makes me weep real soul tears that there's no Cheesecake Factory in Montreal.

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Cheesecake is my fave cake flavour in the whole world, and while there are tons of places that do cheesecake in Montreal right, there's not really one place that aggregates outrageous and scrumptious cheesecake flavours under one glorious roof.

Hence why, to me, the Cheesecake Factory is the perfect dessert spot. Scratch that. It would be perfect if there was one in Montreal - but sadly, we've just had to power through life without ever trying a slice of Pumpkin or White Chocolate Caramel Macadamia Nut Cheeseake.

Until now.

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As it turns out, while there might not be any Cheesecake Factory restaurants inside Montreal, there is one that happens to be super close. How close? Well, about a 3.5 hour drive (AKA prime roadtripping time, friends).

The Cheesecake Factory in Albany, New York (131 Wolf Rd, Albany, NY 12205, United States) is a quick trip south for a slice of the world's greatest cake.

And, since the Cheesecake Factory is bae, you can grab yourself some dinner before going beast on the fluffiest, tastiest, craziest cheesecake they've got.

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So grab your friends, grab your passport, grab a car, and prepare to seriously indulge yourselves, friends.

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