Honesty time: winter is not the best of seasons. It's not exactly my least favourite, but to say that I'm in love with all the ice, sleet, and snow would be a huge lie.

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There are a couple of things I do love about winter, though, like the holidays (!), all of Montreal's above and beyond awesome winter events, and all the super fun activities there are to do in the city once the temperature drops.

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Like ice skating, for example.

Although there are tons of super popular - and fun! - ice skating rinks in the city, there's one gorgeous spot that just might be a little bit tucked away for some of us.

I'm talking about the skating rink in Rosemont's Parc Molson, of course.

Those of you who have been there before already know that this spot is seriously magical... but those of you who haven't had the chance to go yet? Well, strap on those skates and prepare for the time of your life.

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The skating rink features tons of Christmas lights, and a lighted gazebo right in the center, for maximum good vibes.

No word on when the rink officially opens, but most skating rinks in the city are open around mid-December (ish), if the weather permits.

Sounds like the chillest place ever to get your skate on? Then check out Parc Molson's Facebook for more information.

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