When you think of awesome ice cream in the city, I'm sure a few super popular places come to mind. And although those spots are incredibly awesome, sometimes it's good to switch things up and explore a brand new, fantastic place for everyone's fave frozen dessert.

Twist And Creme (11897 Bd Gouin O), located in Montreal's West Island, is exactly the ice cream place you need to know about.

Located in Pierrefonds, Twist And Creme serves up traditional ice cream - like soft-serves, either dipped in chocolate or not, sundaes, banana splits, and milkshakes - but on a whole other level of awesome.

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Using super fresh and high-quality ingredients, every dessert here is on a whole other level of delicious. Plus, all the bonus points for their incredibly awesome chocolate dip, and super nostalgia-inducing soft serve sprinkles. All the wins? You know it.

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If you just found your new ice cream bae, check out their Instagram page for more information.

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