Friends, at this stage in the game, we all know how awesome Ontario is. It's got crazy private islands, crazy waterfront cottages, hidden romantic spots, and much, much more to discover.

Of course, this includes gorgeous provincial parks, just like the Potholes Provincial Park Nature Reserve, situated in Chapleau, Ontario.

This park is seriously beautiful, with glittering waters, gorgeous rock formations (made by "potholes" created by glacial erosion), and some incredibly scenic, amazing caverns.

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Although the park also offers hiking and walking trails, it's a day only park, meaning you can't camp there - but you can pack a picnic, and enjoy the gorgeous views and even better vibes at this provincial park.

Plus, you'll definitely be able to spot tons of birds there, too, as this spot is covered by boreal forest, which is a nesting ground for hundreds of species of birds.

If you're planning on checking this place out, don't forget to click here for more information.

A photo posted by Katelyn Luff (@kateluff) on

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