Story time, friends. When I was much younger, and getting drunk was more like a sport than an art, I'd wrinkle my nose in disgust at wine.

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If it didn't get me wasted ASAP, then it wasn't worth drinking - and wine just didn't make the cut.

Thankfully, I'm now older. Wiser. And I can happily say that I truly appreciate a good bottle of wine. Actually, I can confidently say my life without wine would not be a life I'd be too thrilled to live.

And if your'e as obsessed with wine as I am, then I've got some awesome news for you!

On March 31, Studio 77 and Des Mots Et Des Vins will be hosting a super fun wine tasting party.

You and your friends will get to learn how to properly taste and talk about wine, among other things. Plus, there's going to be cheese. Which is pretty much like the cherry on top of the sundae, TBH.

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