During the Summer months Provincial and National parks get an insane amount of tourists and visitors looking for an array of different activities. From canoeing to hiking to nature walking, these parks offer something for everyone looking for a scenic getaway.

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Getting to these parks is no problem for those who have a car, but what about the city dwellers that have ditched personal vehicles and rely solely on public transportation? Well, this might be for you.

The company Parkbus is offering FREE shuttle bus rides from downtown Montreal to Yamaska National Park every Saturday from July 14 to October 13.

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Well known for its Reservoir Choiniere (a beautiful body of water), it's landscape is a host to many mountains, trails, breathtaking views and tons of wildlife. The park entry fee is only $7.39 + tax so there is no excuse not to take the trip up for a long weekend getaway.

The pick-up location is right outside the Montreal Tourist Information Center, with departure at 8:00 AM and arrival at the park for 9:00 AM. The bus will drop you off at Le Maxime Visitor Center, where you'll find all the information you'll need before venturing off into the park. Looking to just do a day trip? No problem. The bus will pick you up at the visitor centre for 3PM, having you back in Montreal for 4PM.

Probably the most simple and CHEAP trip to plan ever, all you really have to do is show up on time. Parkbus recommends arriving to the pick-up location 30 minutes early. You can find all the information you need HERE.


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