Friends, if you know me at all, then you know I love road-tripping.

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There's something super fun about hopping in a car and getting out of town for a little while - and it's even better if there's a gem hidden in the spot you're about to explore.

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Like this super cute, secret restaurant in the Quebec town of Lachute.

First of all, let me just say, Lachute is one seriously charming town. It's gorgeous, it's cute, and it's about an hour drive out of the city (which is the perfect amount of time for a road trip, FYI).

And in this adorable Quebec town is one of the most on point restaurants you'll ever have the pleasure of discovering. Seriously, guys.

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Restaurant LaBelle (384 Rue Principale, Lachute, QC) is an awesome Lachute restaurant. They serve up steamies (with pickles on top!!), poutines, and other incredibly delicious dishes.

The food is super fresh, super authentic, and absolutely something you need to discover.

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An above and beyond tasty spot, in an above and beyond beautiful town? There's nothing better, TBH.

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