Guys, hiking is bae. It's a fun way to get some physical activity in, and you get to see some legit beautiful sights on the way. Plus, there's a whole feeling of accomplishment as you look over the whole city from the top of a mountain.

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Although Montreal is full of  gorgeous spots to go hiking, one spot in Quebec stands out in particular for being highkey gorgeous, and the perfect spot for a fall hike.

East Bolton, Quebec, in the Eastern Townships, is about an hour drive out of Montreal.

It also happens to be home to some of the most gorgeous fall hike views in the whole province.

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Not only is East Bolton home to some incredibly beautiful hiking trails and views, but if you're down to spend some time chilling, East Bolton also has some relaxing and awesome spas (and places to eat afterwards).

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So if you're down for some gorgeous views, a life-affirming hike, and maybe even a cool spa retreat, then you know exactly where to go.

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