When you think "Montreal" a few things instantly pop into your head. Bagels may shoot up, or the Canadiens, or a famous spot in the city. Places like Mount Royal, Place des Arts, and even the Farine Five Roses building are all locations beloved by Montreal natives and visitors alike. A major historical landmark, or just a place where the people of Montreal come together, these locales are icons of Montreal's unique culture. To celebrate Montreal and the city's great spaces, graphic designer Kate Brioux has immortalized Montreal's urban monuments in her very own stamp collection.

Brioux's collection features five different city landmarks (Farine Five Roses Building, Place des Arts, Mount Royal Monument, the Metro, and Parc jean-Drapeau) chosen for how they represent certain boroughs of the city. The chosen images are also meant to appeal to Montreal's varied populations. The Five Roses building, still standing from the 40's, resonates with an older crowd, as well as tourists. The George-Étienne-Cartier statue featured on the Mount Royal stamp means more to some than just the mountain, as it is also known as the Tam Tams meeting grounds, where Montreal's youths and kooky-folks come together to chill out in the sun. By featuring locations with multiple meanings, depending on the person, Brioux's collection celebrates the many different parts that make Montreal a unique whole.

Why stamps you ask? Brioux found inspiration from vintage novelty Expo 67 passports (pictured above) where attendees of the world's fair could get stamps from different areas of the festival. Every stamp represented the country/theme the area was focusing on, and Brioux took that concept and applied it to Montreal. What started as a small side project then grew into a full fledged collection available for anyone who wants to stamp Montreal love on almost anything.

Montreal has more than just five landmarks, and Brioux isn't done stamp-ifying the city yet. To expand the collection Brioux already has a design for Cote-des-Neiges prepared, featuring the St. Joseph's Oratory. After that will be stamps for NDG and Mile End, but you'll have to wait and see what Brioux comes up with to capture the personality of those boroughs.

If you want to rep Montreal in style, check out Brioux's collection and her official website!

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