Haunted houses are a pretty typical thing to visit around Halloween. But there is one haunted attraction you might not know about, one that's anything but typical.

Like I said haunted houses are fun, but they tend to be short and predictable. They also give you the option of leaving at any time.

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That's not the case however for this next haunted spot. Once the ride starts, there is no escape until you reach the very end.


Let me explain.

Gatineau Park has organized a very special event called the Haunted Chairlfift.

You'll hang there helpless as the chairlift takes you through the dark forest where spooky thing can pop up at any time.

As if taking a regular chairlift ride wasn't terrifying enough.


The Haunted Chairlift will be open to the public Oct. 28 and 29 from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm

So if you're looking for something original to do this Halloween, you simply have to check this place out!

Click here for more information or to buy you tickets.

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