Well, friends, I don't know about you, but to me, Canada Day always means the true beginning of summer. And what better way to start off Montreal's best season than with a huge celebration of our awesome country?

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There'll be fireworks, events, and good times all around - and considering this year is Canada's 150, it's sure to be an even bigger celebration!

Canada Day this year is going down on Saturday, July 1, and if you're wondering exactly WTF is open and closed in Montreal this year, no worries. I got your back. 

Shops, Markets And Stores

Entertainment Spots


Government And Businesses 

Keep in mind that these are true only for Canada Day itself, meaning the Saturday. Most people are off either the Friday or the Monday, so if you're planning an outing on either of those days, make sure you call ahead... and have an awesome Canada Day!

For More Things To Do In Montreal, Check The Links Below:

For Shops, Markets, And Stores, click "Next"

Shops, Markets And Stores:

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SAQ - Open, unless it's in a mall

Pharmacies - Open, but some might have reduced hours

Outdoor markets - Open

Most depanneurs - Open

Most grocery stores - Open

Most retail stores (like IKEA, Wal-Mart, etc) - CLosed

Malls - Closed

For Entertainment Spots, click "Next"

Entertainment Spots:

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Most movie theatres - Open

La Ronde - Open

The Montreal Casino - Open

The Biodome, Botanical Garden, Planetarium and Insectarium - Open

The Montreal Science Centre - Open

Restaurants - Can stay open (but call to make sure)

For Transportation, click "Next"


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The STM and AMT will be working on a weekend schedule

For Government And Businesses click "Next"

Government And Businesses:

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Salons, gas stations, etc - Can stay open

Banks - Closed

Postal services - Closed

Federal and provincial offices - Closed

Municipal courts and most city offices - Closed

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