Alright, real talk, it can be tough to be gluten-free. If you're avoiding gluten by choice, then I applaud your willpower. If you're doing it out of necessity, then all I can do is offer you a big hug - because it's not easy to live with an intolerance, much less one that cuts out a huge chunk of what you can and can't eat.

Thankfully, Montreal has a bunch of awesome spots that specialize in gluten-free meals - but just keep in mind that for safety sake, it might be prudent to call wherever you're going first to make sure their gluten-free food does not come in contact with gluten at all. Other than that, though, you can rest easy knowing your delicious meal from these great places contains no gluten. Read on for Where To Eat In Montreal If You're Gluten-Free.

1. Cookie Stefanie

272 Rue Saint-Jacques

First of all, can we talk about the cupcakes at Cookie Stefanie? They're mind blowing - moist, sweet, and perfectly flavoured, with a delicious dollop of rich and tasty icing, these are pretty much some of the best cupcakes I've tried so far. Other than their cupcakes, though? Cookie Stefanie serves up a vast variety of delicious treats, like grilled cheeses (!!!), cakes, and (obviously) cookies, all of which are not only amazing, but are also gluten free.


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2. Crudessence

Multiple locations

At this stage in the gluten-free game, if you don't know about Crudessence, then I don't even know what you've been doing with your life, TBH. Notorious for specializing in gluten-free, raw, organic, vegan food, this popular Montreal spot is pretty much a haven for anyone who enjoys really, really good food... but also enjoys being healthy. A sample of the delicious treats on the menu? "Lasagne" made with zucchini and macadamia nuts, BLT sandwiches made with eggplant bacon and caper aioli, and tacos featuring quinoa pate. Gluten-free friends, rejoice.


3. Nini Meatball House

1752 Rue Notre-Dame O

This Griffintown spot specializes in everyone's favourite Italian comfort food: Meatballs. But do you know what else it specializes in? Gluten-free delights. Seriously. A good portion of the meatballs at Nini Meatball House are gluten-free, which means that gluten-free friends can indulge in Nini's delicious meatballs - such as their beef cheddar bacon or pork chorizo meatball dishes - by the fistful. (Kidding, although eating fistfuls of meatballs does sound like the best way to spend a Thursday night).


4. Zero8

1141 Rue Bélanger

Real talk, Zero8 is pretty much paradise if you're sensitive to gluten - and even if you're not, you'll be running to this place for your next meal, too. Zero8 specializes in steak, so their steak dishes pretty much steal the show: They're perfectly cooked and seasoned, with fresh, high-quality ingredients, so that every bite seems to melt in your mouth. But their other dishes? Pure gluten-free perfection. Protip? Try their poutine-style fries. And thank me later.


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5. Mozza

1251 Avenue McGill College

Most of us know Mozza for the spot's delicious pizza and prime location - but did you know that they also have an entire menu full of gluten-free options? Well, they do, and it's awesome. Mozza's gluten-free menu includes grilled chicken and one seriously delicious chocolate dessert; some dishes can also be prepared gluten-free upon request, like their penne Gigi (!!!) or their Veal Prosciutto Cotto dish.


6. Le Kitchen

Le Kitchen isn't technically a restaurant; it's actually a catering/delivery service specializing in gluten-free dishes, which is amazing. Think about it, friends. Having a dinner party with your gluten-free acquaintances? No problem. Family members are gluten sensitive and visiting your home? Give Le Kitchen a ring. Of course, if you want to sample some of their yummy food, they also offer their meals at a handful of different locations across the city, such as Lili and Oli Cafe, and Marche Bluet.


7. L'Artisan

7700 Rue St-Hubert

Do you like pastries? Good. Are you gluten-free? No problem. Located in Villeray, L'Artisan doesn't only specialize in creating some seriously delicious pastries (like their eclairs, for example). This spot also happens to specialize in gluten-free baked creations, meaning that no matter what your sweet tooth craves, they've got you covered. New fave dessert spot? Found.


8. Arepera Du Plateau

4050 Rue de Bullion

Arepera Du Plateau focuses on arepas (hand-made corn bread stuffed with cheese, veggies, and/or meats) and other Venezuelan dishes. The food here is consistently fresh, tasty, and overall amazing - seriously, one bite of their fresh, melt-in-your-mouth arepas and you're hooked. The best part, though? Their menu is totally gluten free. So you can eat as many as you want, without running into any issues. New fave dinner spot? Found.


9. Patisserie Petit Lapin

342 Avenue Victoria

Okay, real talk? This place is seriously awesome. This Westmount bakery not only specializes in gluten-free treats, but all of their desserts are free of the most common food allergens - so if you've got an intolerance to gluten, are allergic to nuts, but have an addiction to cake pops? Don't worry. This place has got your back. Beautiful? You bet it is.


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