Honestly, Montreal is fantastic. But sometimes, you just need to get away from the city and experience something a little bit different.

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Maybe something similar to Montreal, but with a little bit more history; a little bit more culture; and maybe some royalty, too.

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Maybe something (or some place) just like London.

And if visiting the land across the pond has always been your dream, then have I got some great news for you.

WOW Air is going to be charging $220 for a flight from Montreal to London. Granted, this isn't a round-trip (round-trip prices to and from Montreal are about $500, depending on the dates that you pick), and it does include a stopover in Iceland... but it's still pretty amazing, TBH.

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Just keep in mind that the prices really depend on the dates that you pick, so if your travel time is flexible, then your're in luck.

And even if not, the $220 flight price extends all the way until at least March of this year, so you've got quite some time to plan yourself something awesome.

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Sounds like the best trip ever? Then check out WOW Airlines' website for more information.

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