Friends, what's the best thing you could possibly consume on a hot spring/summer day in Montreal?

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That's right. Ice cream. And although regular ice cream is bae forever, ice cream in cool cones is just that much more enticing, TBH.

Just like the "bubble waffles cones" at Montreal's La Cabane De Danny (52A Rue de la Gauchetière O), located in Chinatown. 

They're basically traditional egg waffles from Hong Kong, except stuffed with two scoops of delicious ice cream (you can choose from flavours like black sesame, green tea, and mango) and toppings, like M&Ms, marshmallows, bananas, red bean, and more!  

You can even get the egg waffle itself flavoured too, if you want! The waffle comes in original, matcha red bean, or chocolate flavours. Sounds delicious? You know it is, guys. You know it is.

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Looks yummy AF? You know it does! Check out La Cabane De Danny on Facebook for more information.

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