Everyone knows animals can provide serious emotional support to humans during hard times. And Montreal in the winter could definititely be considered "hard"... even rough, at times. That's why this petting zoo is offering their guests more than just a pet — you can take an alpaca or mini-horse for a walk!

Visit the animals at Verger Champêtre for the perfect holiday activity to get out of the city this winter. 

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TL;DR This farm in Quebec has a petting zoo that also lets you take alpacas or mini-horses for a one-on-one walk through their wooded trails.

Verger Champêtre is located in Granby, QC, less than an hour and half drive from Montreal.

For only $5 you can visit the trails and mini-farm, the Christmas tree farm, and petting zoo. On weekends you can find inflatable structures and tractor rides, as well.

Children only pay $3 and you can take the whole family for $15. Other weekend specialties include bonfires, hot apple juice and tastings from the orchard.

Better yet, instead of just petting an animal in a pen, for a little extra ($15) Verger Champêtre lets you can take an animal for a stroll.

Peruse the Christmas tree farm or other trails with an alpaca or mini horse in tow.

The one-on-one walk is sure to create a real bond between you and your new-found animal friend. The site recommends saving at least 20 minutes for a walk with one of these cute creatures.

Guaranteed to be memorable for you and a nice change of scenery for the animal, too, the walks are encouraged for any guest that wants the chance to stuggle up and get to known an alpaca one-on-one.

Christmas trees are also available for purchase. In the store the trees are priced by size.

But if you pay $45 (on top of admission), you are allowed to go out into the Christmas tree farm and cut down your own tree, of any size!

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The farm and orchard are open 7 days a week from 9 to 5 until December 31st. 

Find more information on their site here.

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