Zach Galifianakis is a comedic genius, and if you don't think so, his Justin Bieber interview will prove you wrong. As part of his ongoing series 'Between Two Ferns' on Funny or Die, Galifianakis hosts a mock talkshow interview with the acclaimed, and super douchey, teen idol.

Galifianakis is perfect in the role of interviewer, and doesn't hold back on ripping into Bieber. Topics of conversation include Bieber's 'young punk attitude,' whether or not he'll ever make something that isn't shitty, and the possibility of Anne Frank being a 'belieber.' Bieber, either totally unaware or going with the gag, isn't too terrible either. See the hilarity ensue below.

Was Galifianakis too harsh, or did Bieber TOTALLY have it coming? Post your reaction in the comments below.

Source - Funny or Die

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