Vermont is known for many things; picturesque towns, a foodie destination, and a nature lover's paradise. But it also has a quirky and sometimes surreal underbelly that runs through it. Just a few hours drive from Montreal, Vermont is an ideal road trip if you're in the mood for some weird and beautiful spots to check out. 

Not only is the New England state rife with unparalleled hiking trails and quaint B&Bs, but it also has a serious wine, microbrew, and restaurant scene. 

In between having access to almost every outdoor recreation, or sipping a drink on a terrasse, you can also fill your time with a few spots that are a little more off the beaten path.  

Take time to grab some pics at the astoundingly massive and largest operating quarry in the world, get lost in a swamp filled with hundreds of tiny birdhouses, or even visit a cemetery for ice cream. Yes, you read the last part right. 

And after your day, head back to your hobbit looking stone dome for a night of relaxation. Oh, and don't forget your dog. 

So, if you're heading to Vermont, check out (or check-in to) some of these seven unusual sights that may not have been on your itinerary otherwise.  

Freedlyville Quarry

Where: 3817-5015 Dorset Hill Rd, Dorset, Vermont

This underground abandoned quarry was dug directly in the slope of Mount Aeolus. In the winter, the large pond of water inside freezes. In the summer you can trek through the deep passageways or get in some off-roading adventures. 

The Dorset, Vermont Town Manager confirmed to MTL Blog that the quarry is accessible via a legal trail off Dorset Hill Road.

Take a look!

Whimsical Stone Abode

Where: Sandgate, Vermont

You'll need somewhere to stay, so why not this all stone, 900 square foot, private cottage? You can get your Flinstone on while still enjoying all of the modern necessities we've come to rely on. 

Take a look!

Rock of Ages Granite Quarry 

Where: 558 Graniteville Road, Graniteville, Vermont

This is the largest operating deep-hole in the world at 600 feet deep. The astonishing views are truly breathtaking and like nothing you've ever seen. If you want chills, check out the video of this opera singer doing what she does best. 

Learn more!

Ben & Jerry's Flavor Graveyard

Where: 1281 Waterbury Stowe Road, Waterbury, Vermont

It's a graveyard for all the flavours that are currently resting in peace. Take the time to pay your respects to ice creams of yesterday like "Schweddy Balls," "Vermonty Python," and "Cow Power."

Vote on the flavour you want to be resurrected!

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Birdhouse Forest

Where: 05486, South Hero, Vermont

There are 400 tiny, brightly coloured, wooden birdhouses in this stretch of Vermont swamp, giving it a whimsical feel. There are also a few dinosaur statues thrown in for good measure, to really up that dreamlike vibe. 

Learn more about the forest!

Texas Falls

Where: Hancock, Vermont

These ancient falls were formed over 12,000 years ago from when Vermont still had glaciers. It's worth a visit to check out the unique cascades and pools that have cut deep into the rocks. 

Learn more about the falls!

The Dog Chapel 

Where: 143 Parks Road, Saint Johnsbury 

Located on Dog Mountain, this is a space that loves four-legged friends. There are hiking trails, ponds for dogs to swim in, and an agility course.

If you want to warm your heart and get a little teary, check out the chapel where the walls are plastered with pictures of departed dogs and notes from owners about what their pup meant to them. 

Check out Dog Mountain!

We strongly advise that before you go swimming or visit any location, you check the most recent updates on potential hazards, security, water quality, and closures. If you do plan to visit a location, respect the environment.

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