When you think of Quebec, the first thing that comes to mind probably is not the beach. However, our impressive province has everything you need for an epic vacation including some gorgeous beaches throughout the land. Not only are there a slew of beaches for you to check out, but you can also find some Quebec Airbnbs to rent that are situated right on the water.

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With so many great rentals up for grab throughout Quebec, there's no reason why you shouldn't plan a little escape this summer.

As many of our vacation plans got derailed, it's nice to know that within our province we can enjoy an adventure, that also won't break the bank.

I'm someone who loves to ball out on a budget, and the following spots will allow you to do just that.

Some of the homes are perfect for groups of friends while other spots are ideal for just you and your significant other.

Whatever you're searching for, you'll be surprised to know it can be found right here in our outstanding province.

Huge Home In St-Raymond

Price per night: $50 each if you're 10 people

This large home not only sleeps ten guests but it has a ton of outdoor space to be enjoyed.

Surrounded by mountains and a little private beach, this is a great option for any crew of friends looking to escape over the summer.

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Private Luxury On Lac Saint Joseph

Price per night: $46 each if you're 12 people

Not only is this fabulous property home to a gorgeous chalet, but the private land it's built on is what makes it so special.

From the abundance of nature surrounding you to the lavish private beach, this is a dream destination for you and eleven of your friends to spend some time at.

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Private Beach In Trois-Rivières

Price per night: $23 each if you're six people

There aren't many places in the world where you can stay for less than $25 per night, however, this stunning home is one of those spots.

Located in Trois-Rivières, this charming home is equipped with fabulous views, a hot tub, and best of all, a little private beach for you and your friends to enjoy.

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Old Meets New In Matane

Price per night: $30 each if you're five people


Located in Matane, Quebec, this former beach store turned home has everything you may need and more in a beach vacation.

With being right on the sandy beach, there's no way you won't feel like you're in another world completely while staying at this picturesque location.

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Private Beach In Bassin

Price per night: $88 each if you're eight people


So, this one may be a little far, but it's too incredible not to share.

If you and your crew are looking to go on a real adventure, why not rent a trailer and drive to Bassin?

The drive won't be so bad knowing that this charming property would be waiting for you.

Just take a look at that private beach.

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Paradise In Trois-Rivières

Price per night: $80 each if you're two people

If you're looking for a romantic escape from Montreal with your significant other then this may be the ideal spot for you.

From the charming home to the rocky beach, this property screams romance and relaxation.

Happy vacay!

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