It may have stopped snowing in Montreal, but the rain has officially hit our city in full force. Just because the rain is melting away the copious amounts of snow that we saw throughout the winter doesn't mean it isn't causing some darkness. I'm personally always looking for an excuse to escape the city and if the rain is getting you down, why not book a flight from Montreal to somewhere warm?

There are so many amazing places to visit in the world however, the following seven destinations are both easy for us to get to and affordable for anyone who is on a budget.

Don't get me wrong, travelling is always an expense, but some places are more affordable than others — and these are the ones I tried to find for you. 

If looking out the window into the gloominess that is currently Montreal is starting to get you down, you should book a last-minute trip to one of these sunny destinations ASAP! Realistically, you don't need rain as an excuse — just go whenever your heart tells you to.

All approximate flight prices were retrieved from Google Flights.

Puerto Rico

Approximate cost of round-trip flight: $345

Approximate cost of 3-star hotel stay: $28 per night

I have always loved going to Puerto Rico. Not only is it one of the most peaceful and serene vacation spots but it is known to be quite affordable.

There is so much to do within the area, from exploring San Juan to taking in the glory of Flamenco Beach, everything you need in a vacation can be found within Puerto Rico.  

If you're looking to escape the rain while making a difference in the world, Puerto Rico can be a great spot for you. Throughout your visit, you can volunteer in small towns that are still trying to make up for their losses during Hurricane Maria. However, the larger towns were not as affected which means they are willing and ready to accommodate you and your vacation needs. 


Approximate cost of flight: $385 

Approximate cost of 3-star hotel: $90 per night

Florida is the easiest and most popular beach vacation for Montreal locals. The large state expands from Miami to Fort Lauderdale, to Orlando and Tampa giving travellers a ton of spots to choose from.

And, if you're looking for a quick and easy escape from the rain, Florida may just be your best option. 

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Approximate cost of flight: $544

Approximate cost of 3-star hotel: $106 per night

Another popular destination for Montreal locals has always been Cuba. This lively country is full of picturesque beaches, kind locals and more rum and cigars then you can handle in one trip.

Everything about Cuba screams vacation and if the rain is starting to bring you down, why not book a last-minute trip to this fun-filled country?

Costa Rica

Approximate cost of flight: $514

Approximate cost of 3-star hotel: $39 per night

From the first moment I arrived in Costa Rica, I knew I had landed in a special place. The abundance of nature combined with the fun-loving locals and incredible beaches will have you forgetting all about the depressing rain that has taken over our city. 

There is so much to see and do throughout the country and if you have yet to go, I highly recommend you do so as it is one of those places that you simply fall in love with. 

Dominican Republic

Approximate cost of flight: $538

Approximate cost of 3-star hotel: $64 per night 

The Dominican Republic is home to an array of beaches, adorable hotels, exotic animals and some of the most breathtaking waterfalls you will ever lay your eyes on. 

Not only is this a gorgeous destination that will take you away from the darkness in Montreal but there are a ton of wild adventures for you to take part in. From riding on dune-buggies through gorgeous scenery to horseback riding on the beach and even ATV rides through Punta Cana, you will not regret visiting the Dominican Republic. 


Approximate cost of flight: $449

Approximate cost of 3-star hotel: $49 per night

There are very few vacation spots I enjoy going to as much as I love Mexico. 

Mexico is home to picture-perfect beaches, tasty dishes, and more tequila than your liver can handle making it a dream vacation spot for anyone. And, best of all, the Canadian dollar is fairly high in Mexico allowing you to get more bang for your buck! 

If you're in need of an escape but find yourself on a tight budget, why not visit Mexico?


Approximate cost of round-trip flight: $760

Approximate cost of 3-star hotel stay: $95 per night

Grenada, known to the world as Spice Island is a colourful and vibrant vacation destination that is sure to add some spice into your life. 

This whimsical destination is not only home to a slew of beaches and friendly locals but it also houses an underwater sculpture park that will blow your mind. 

This casual vacation spot is picture perfect and will most likely turn your frown upside down from the moment you land. 

Here's to hoping sunny weather makes it way to Montreal as soon as possible!

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