Air Canada might have lost their mind because they are pretty much giving away flights right now. Pack your bags fellow Montrealers because you and your crew could be going on vacation!

These sun destination and other international flights are super well priced, meaning if you haven't booked a vacation yet this summer, now might be the best time. 

With the cost of travel being so high, I know I am not the only one constantly searching for affordable flights to take advantage of and Air Canada has some pretty epic deals going on right now. 

Have you always dreamt of going to Colombia? Well, you can fly there, round trip for 583$.

You can also fly to Peru for 700$, to Panama for 604$ and wait for it…to Shanghai China for only 789$.  

For anyone who has travelled a lot, you know that these deals are almost too good to be true. These flights tend to be some of the most expensive, which is why you shouldn't think about it too much and just do it, before this sale ends!

And, wait, there’s more!  

Air Canada is not even close to being done. If you are looking to fly somewhere for under 300$ you'll want to continue reading.  

Picture yourself sipping on a margarita in Bermuda, that fantasy can be a reality for only 219$... crazy, I know.

You can also fly to the Bahamas for 256$, to Barbados for 270$, to St. Lucia for 292$ and even to Costa Rica 293$.  

Every destination that I mentioned is worth travelling to go see and these prices give you an even better reason to book. Go zip-lining in Costa Rica or go see what life is like in China. These are experiences that will stay with you forever, so don't hesitate to take them. 

There are a lot more deals to pick from, all you need to do is visit their website to see what trip works for you.  

It is not every day that opportunities like this come at this cost, which is why I think you should take advantage.

Travelling is a great tool that our world has access to and at prices this low we should all be taking advantage of it!

Visit the Air Canada website here to see all their flight deals. 

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