Montreal is a travel hotspot, there's no question about it. People come from all over the world to experience Canadian culture through the lens of Montreal and we aren't surprised when they're back again for more before long.

Now, a new study done by MasterCard shows that Montreal is one of the top 10 travel destination cities in North America.

Their study, the Global Destination Cities Index, ranks 200 worldwide destination cities based on the volume of international overnight visitors and their spend data to dictate which cities are the top travel destinations.

Based on data collected in 2018, Montreal has placed in the top 10 within North America, alongside fellow Canadian cities Toronto and Vancouver.

The study also breaks down where most visitors are coming from, and what they spend their money on when they arrive.

So, let's take a look at which countries love to visit Montreal the most... and what they're doing when they get here!

MasterCard's GDCI indicates that the top 5 "origin" countries for travellers that come to Montreal and they're ranked as seen below.

Unsurprisingly, Americans made up 61.9% of the visitors to Montreal last year. Following that, 13.9% of visitors in 2018 were from France.  

Mexico, the U.K., Germany and Mainland China each made up about 2% of Montreal's visitors last year, respectively. Next up were Switzerland, Belgium and the remaining 13% was categorized as "other."

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And what are our fine visiting friends doing while they're in town?

The infographic below shows everything from the length of their stay (~7.9 nights) and whether they were in town for business or pleasure (mostly pleasure, no surprise there - we're a very pleasant city, after all).

Also interesting to note that the average spend per day is $94 USD which works out to about $125 CAD.

Surprisingly enough, that daily spend amount is higher than both the other two Canadian cities that made the top 10.

In Vancouver, visitors spend $83 USD ($110 CAD) on average, and in Toronto, it's only $79 USD ($105 CAD).

I thought we were the cheap baby brother of this trio... I guess not?

In terms of the ranking, Toronto comes in at #4 in North America and #38 worldwide. Vancouver is #7 in North America and #46 worldwide.

Montréal is the third fastest-growing destination in North America, following Miami and Los Angeless. We make it into the top 10 North American destination cities at #10. Globally, we're #66. 

To read the full index concerning North American cities, head to this page for PDF downloads.

For the global index, head to MasterCard's newsroom page here.

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