For people who have been to Southeast Asia, you know there are always hidden gems to be found when it comes to cute huts and random hostels.

Well, this amazing treehouse in Bali is definitely one of those hidden gems: and it's only $50 a night to stay here!

The view alone is worth more than that price, plus these photos just go to show how unreal your Instas would be. Let's all just pretend we're in Bali right now.


The Airbnb is called "Rumah Pohon" which means "Tree House" in Indonesian. It currently has 4.5/5 star rating on Airbnb with over 150 reviews. Not bad!

They currently have three separate treehouses available for rent.

The treehouses offer a panoramic view of the Bali sea and are right next to the very popular Atuh beach, a white sand oasis seen in the Instagram photos above.

Plus, apparently, there's a cafe just a one-minute walk away, where you can get the national Indonesian dish Nasi Goreng.

The host notes that this is a very rustic vacation experience, so don't expect the Four Seasons. Instead, appreciate that you're away from the hustle and bustle of city life and let yourself enjoy the straight-up paradise that is Bali.

I can only imagine how breathtaking the sunrise and sunset would be in a secluded place like this. All I really need is a hammock and a bug net, I'll sleep outside!

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Although, as the Airbnb page mentions, this place totally does fulfil all my childhood dreams of treehouse life. So as badly as I want to go. I'm worried this place would give me a full-on case of the Peter Pans and I may never leave.

This girl has it figured out. Send the boyfriend photographer to the treehouse next door to catch her in all her Jane-of-Tarzan glory. 

They do mention on the Airbnb page that the washroom is outside of the treehouses, so you'd want to be sure to pee before bed, cause that step ladder looks like a disaster waiting to happen in the dark. 

Okay, I obviously saved the least exciting picture for the end... but again, if you've done any travelling in Southeast Asia you know this is pretty much the standard sleeping situation over there.

I would definitely bring a bug net, though, because there is nothing like waking up to your own body covered in mosquito bites... no thanks.

To read the full description of the Airbnb and even book your stay, head to

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