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Endless Construction In Montreal Is Making Everyone Late For School And Work

Getting around the city has become a living nightmare.
Endless Construction In Montreal Is Making Everyone Late For School And Work

The vacation season has come to an end this week, meaning people across Montreal are beginning to drag themselves to work and school once again. Really, no one looks forward to the end of their time off, but there are always things that can make the transition back into daily life so much worse than it already is.

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Of course, with the vacation ending you can expect tons of congestion on city roads (as if we didn't already have that) as well as a massive increase in STM users, before the STM is even operating fully again! Seriously, if you have to get to class or work on time you may want to start leaving extra early.

The worst addition to the mix is the construction running rampant around the city. Most of the STM is under partial construction at the moment, with closures commonly occuring out of the blue. 

For Montreal drivers, the last few days of the back-to-school rush has been an absolute nightmare. Major roads across the city were closed over the holiday weekend, opening just in time for rush hour yesterday morning. In an attempt to combat all of the commuters in the city, busy roads such as the Décarie Expressway was re-vamped to accomodate the incoming students and workers this week. 

New signage and infastructure will be taking over the road, so it's only a matter of time before we know if the updates are helping the city or just making everyone more confused. Still, roads such as highway 15 northbound remain under partial closure, so commuting really has not gotten much better in the city.

Because of the construction as well as the recent union strikes in the city, over 10 per cent of STM buses are unable to provide full scheduled service to the public. Theres really no escape for those who travel to work and school, with both driving and taking transit a living nightmare, Montrealers are stuck with no solution.

The city hopes that once the new Champlain bridge is opened congestion should be reduced. Until then, multiple major construction projects will plague the city with detours, closed roads, cancelled service and angry city dwellers. 


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