English-Speakers Are Urgently Asking Quebec To Protect Anglo Services

French-speakers don't really see the problem.
English-Speakers Are Urgently Asking Quebec To Protect Anglo Services

Despite it being well-known that Quebec is the only province in Canada that is predominantly French-speaking, many more anglophones are coming from other provinces and end up quite shocked when they realize they're going to have a bit of trouble getting around while speaking English.

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The truth is, anglos are pretty frustrated with the lack of services available here in Quebec that cater to them.

In the last provincial budget, $6.9 million was put aside for English community organizations. Most of it is going to Community Health and Social Services for English-speakers.

To get a true understanding of how much of the population thinks Quebec needs to make changes to their inclusivity, CBC ran a survey that asks if the government should do more to protect English services.

Overall, 43% of respondants agreed everything is great the way it is.

They then conducted a second survey which split the respondants into "French," "English," and "Other." The same question was asked, with 45% of French-speakers in Quebec agreeing that the government is doing enough right now.

36% of English-speakers believe the province has a pretty long way to go before they feel equal.

It's obvious that everyone is pretty divided on what exactly needs to be done.

For the first time ever there will be an actual English-language leaders debate televised in Quebec. All four major political party leaders have are participating, so things should be interesting.

The debate is said to acknowledge that there will be anglophone voters, so it's only fair to campaign for them as well. 

So, maybe English-speakers in Quebec are getting a bit more recognition than before. It's totally possible that we will be seeing more service in English across the province.

But for now, anglos in Quebec are still fighting for what they believe they deserve.


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