Environment Canada Has Issued A Blizzard Warning In Northern Quebec

Why can't we just enjoy this season?!
Environment Canada Has Issued A Blizzard Warning In Northern Quebec

The start of this month has been pretty interesting in terms of its weather. With the west coast being snowed in and the Maritimes currently flood by intense rainfall, we can only wonder what apocalyptic weather is next.

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TL;DR Environment Canada issued a blizzard warning this morning on the region of Kangiqsujuag - Raglan Lake. Dangerous blizzard conditions as well as strong winds and zero visibility are in the forecast for today. It's advised to postpone any travel today if you're in the region.

It's always super disappointing when it snows this early in the season. October is meant for incredible fall foliage and the perfect temperatures to wear your favourite sweaters. Instead in Quebec we've been experiencing rain and pretty ugly days.

It gets worse though. Now we are officially experiencing snow.

Not just any type of snow either. An actual blizzard is in the forecast for a region in Northern Quebec. 

Environment Canada issued a warning early this morning for Kangiqsujuaq - Raglan Lake. Blizzard conditions with dangerous winds are expected to hit along with zero visibility when outside. This seriously sounds like a true Halloween horror, so at least Mother Nature got that right.

Blowing snow is going to travel at fast speeds causing damage and dangerous conditions for anyone brave enough to venture outside. 

Environment Canada is advising that everyone in the region postpone non-essential travel until conditions improve. Seriously, you really won't want to go outside today.

We can now officially say it's already snowed in Quebec, Let's just hope the rest of the province isn't put under the same conditions as Calgary right now.


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