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Environment Canada Has Issued A Heat Warning For Montreal

The heatwave just won't leave us alone!
Environment Canada Has Issued A Heat Warning For Montreal

It's no secret July was a horrible month in terms of the weather. Temperatures soared into the high 30's and even 40's more often than not. The heatwave that took over the entire month claimed the lives of over 50 people in Quebec. Everyone was struggling to buy as many air conditioners as possible, stay indoors, or find public places to shelter them self from the deadly heat.

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August was suppposed to be different. A positive end to the Summer and mild weather that would allow Montrealers to enjoy the outdoors before Winter rolls around again and we're indefinitely stuck inside with painful weather. The forecasts for the month showed a lot of thunderstorms, a few sunny days, and some pretty decent weather to get us by. That's why no one is ready for the news that another heatwave is on the way.

Yes, you read that right. Environment Cananda has issued a heat warning for the entire Montreal area. The torture this Summer just won't end!

Temperatures are expected to rise to the 30's with humidex values in the 40's. Environment Canada is urging Montrealers to stay hydrated throughout the day and seek shelter that offers air conditioning and shade from the sweltering heat. So far the warning is only for today, but who knows whether or not the heatwave is here to stay for another month. 

Luckily, for anyone who is outside today the city of Montreal has announced that some splash parks and water stations around the city will have extended hours all day long. Take the opportunity to cool off when you see one, you'll feel like you're in heaven after being in the dreadful heat for longer than ten minutes.

For those of us that don't have to be outdoors today, just stay in and call it a Netflix day. We already have tons of experience with the heatwaves from last month, so don't put yourself through that kind of pain again if you don't have to.

For more information on the upcoming weather you can take a look at the City of Montreal website HERE.


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