Environment Canada Has Issued A Snow And Freezing Rain Warning For Quebec

Brace yourselves because this weekend is going to get a little crazy.

 For the last few days, meteorologists have been predicting that hurricane Willa was going to impact Canada, and now it seems like our fears have been confirmed. 

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On Friday at 4:30 am, Environment Canada issued a special weather alert for many regions in Canada including most of Quebec. A low pressure system is headed our way and it's going to be dumping snow, ice pellets and even freezing rain all overSouthern and Central Quebec

The crazy weather is expected to hit the province on Saturday evening.

Via theweathernetwork

Some costal regions in Quebec are under “Storm Surge” warning. They're expecting cold temperatures, strong winds, higher than normal water levels, and large waves. 

Luckily everything is supposed to be back to normal on Sunday night, so you won't be slipping and sliding on your way to work or school on Monday morning. 

But seeing as how it's only October and we're already getting hit with ice rain, perhaps it would be wise not to wait until December 15th to put on your winter tires because you don't want to get stuck in a situation like we had in 2 years ago Montreal during the first snowfall of the year: