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Environment Canada Has Issued Another Dangerous Heat Warning For Montreal

Montreal is in for a horrendous week of weather.
Environment Canada Has Issued Another Dangerous Heat Warning For Montreal

Montreal can't seem to catch a break.

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After record heat killed overone hundred people in southern Quebec, officials and residents, alike, went into a frenzy. Such extreme heat events are only going to become more frequent. And Montreal lacks the infrastructure to adequately deal with brutally high temperatures.

Then of course, there are the wild fires that come with high heat and dry vegetation. A few weeks ago, Quebec officials even had to enlist the help of American firefighters to stop the spread of blazes in the south east of the province.

Then came hurricane Chris, which dropped hail across the Maritimes and brought dark clouds to eastern Quebec.

But this week will definitely be the worst weather week for Montreal in long time. It will certainly be the worst week of the summer so far. 

Forecasts predict thunderstorms every work day this week. Perfect... There's really nothing better than arriving to work wet.

On top of damp, dark weather, there will also be extreme heat. This morning Environment Canada issued an official heat warning for the city of Montreal. Despite downpours, the temperature will climb to over forty degrees with humidity.

The rain could only make worse the threat of temperatures that will match those of just a few weeks ago, one of the deadliest natural disasters in Canadian history. Wet weather will only further discourage people from leaving their homes in search of public cooling shelters.

So get ready Montreal. Be sure to check on your elderly neighbours and ensure that pets stay cool and hydrated. 

Stay safe.


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