Environment Canada Has Issued Severe Storm Warnings As Hurricane Michael Ravages The East Coast

Needless to say, the life-threatening Hurricane Michael took over America's east coast early last week. After causing unimaginable damage to entire cities in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama, the hurricane quickly made its way up to Canada over the weekend, causing even more damage.

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TL;DR Despite the worst of Hurricane Michael being over, Environment Canada has released a warning that the east coast will experience dangerous winds, heavy rainstorms, and flash flooding until at least Wednesday.

Nova Scotia experienced the worst of the massive storm in the country, but nearby provinces such as New Brunswick and Quebec also dealt with extreme rainstorms and high-speed winds over the last few days.

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You may think any lasting impact in Canada would finally be over, but unfortunately that's far from the case. Environment Canada has confirmed that provinces on the east coast will be experiencing Hurricane Michael aftermath until at least Wednesday.

As of now, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador are going to feel the lasting effects at their worst. With life-threatening winds reaching over 100km/h overnight along with heavy rainfall that could potentially lead to flash floods, Canadians in the east may want to prepare for a lot of time spent indoors this week. 

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Although the once category 4 hurricane has officially died down, it's certain that the damage caused by it is far from over. Environment Canada is warning those in impacted areas that injury and significant damage is a likely risk until the storm dies down after the next few days.

Until it can be confirmed that Hurricane Michael has officially left the county, Canadians should be prepared for the worst.

Stay tuned for more breaking news on massive weather warnings across Canada.