Environment Canada Is Warning Of Dangerous Flash Floods Across Quebec Today

The heavy rain won't be stopping anytime soon.
Environment Canada Is Warning Of Dangerous Flash Floods Across Quebec Today

The province has been getting quite a bit of rain since the month began. You can almost always bet on their being at least one thunderstorm a week, making it pretty unlikely that we'll be getting any perfect summer weather to end the season off with. 

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This week a lot of rain is expected in the province, especially today. Typically all that means for us is a bit more time to binge watch Netflix series and enjoy the luxuries of the indoors, but this time it's a bit different.

Environment Canada has actually issued a warning for dangerous flash floods across Quebec. The forecast predicts heavy raining throughout the day up until mid-day Thursday, mean low-lying areas across the province are at risk of massive flooding.

The regions currently at extreme risk for flash flooding are:

  • Abitibi 
  • Chibougamau
  • La Vérendrye Wildlife Reserve
  • Lac-Saint-Jean
  • Manicouagan River
  • Matagami
  • Gouin Reservoir

Not only can flash floods pool on roads and become an extreme safety hazard for anyone outside in this weather, but they can be strong enough to take out small homes and even sweep up cars that are in their path. Needless to say, today sounds like a pretty great day to just stay inside.

Thankfully, as the rain moves northward the chances of massive flooding within the Montreal core seem more unlikely. Flash floods are expected for the outskirt regions and pretty much the rest of southern Quebec, so if you do have to venture outside today be cautious of sweeping waters!

Unfortunately rainfall is predicted for most of the week as well as next week, so be on the lookout for even more flooding as the weekend approaches. Although we won't be getting any sunshine and rainbows anytime soon, at least the rain will be bringing cooler temperatures to the city, which basically means the possibility of another deadly heatwave is super unlikely!

Be safe today!


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