Environment Canada Says This Is The Last Week Of Winter Weather Before Spring

Environment Canada Says This Is The Last Week Of Winter Weather Before Spring

Canada has seen some pretty rough weather in the last few weeks. This isn't abnormal as it is winter in Canada, after all, but we are all looking forward to feeling actual warmth from the sun's rays.

Thankfully, Environment Canada has given us something to look forward to. According to a senior climatologist for Environment Canada and the National Post, the upcoming cold snap this week is that last one that Canadians will endure before spring.

Warmer days are on the way, Canada! Unfortunately, most of the country still has to contend with a polar vortex this week.

Much of Canada has been in the throes of an intense cold front. The prairies in particular have experienced cold weather that has dipped below minus forty. 

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TL;DR Canada is experiencing a cold snap which, for the Atlantic provinces, will be the last before spring. Other parts of Canada will also begin to gradually warm up. Still other parts of the country will have to brace themselves for a few more weeks of winter.

In the coming week, temperatures could drop to as much as twenty degrees below average, according to The Weather Network.

Senior climatologist for Environment Canada, David Phillips, assures Canadians that some relief is on the way. Edmonton, for example, will see above-zero temperatures next week.

A huge snowstorm continues to hit much of Atlantic Canada, but it has left Quebec and Ontario pretty much unscathed.

While March is often a struggle between winter and springtime trends, the climatologist assures us that by mid-march Canada will be decidedly into spring. 

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For the Atlantic provinces, spring will be here even earlier. Phillips tells the National Post that this snowstorm will be the last bit of winter the Atlantic Provinces will see.

Finally, a little hope!


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