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Environment Canada Warning: Flood Alert Is In Effect For Montreal, Quebec

The rain just won't stop!
Environment Canada Warning: Flood Alert Is In Effect For Montreal, Quebec

The snow may be gone in Montreal but unfortunately for you we have some bad news: The rainy season has only just begun. 

According to The Weather Network it's going to be raining for the next 9 days straight in Montreal. In fact, today we're expecting between 25-50 millimeters of rain.

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Environment Canada has issueda rainfall warning for Châteauguay, La Prairie, Laval, Longueui, Varennes and the entire Island of Montreal. The heavy rain is expected to last until Friday morning and localized flooding in low-lying areas is possible.

Via The Weather Network

They're also warning people who live close to rivers, creeks and culverts to be on the lookout for possible washouts. 

I'm not going to lie if I have to choose between rain or snow I'll choose snow everytime, because at the very least when it's snowing outside you don't need an umbrella. Plus snow doesn't cause floods like the one that hit Montreal last year

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Hopefully the weather will start getting more pleasant soon because I think we can all agree that Montreal has suffered enough this winter and we deserve an awesome summer.  

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