Winter Frost Alert Issued Across Quebec Tonight

Something is seriously wrong with the weather.
Winter Frost Alert Issued Across Quebec Tonight

Forget about the expression "Go home weather you're drunk" because that doesn't even begin to describe the weather we have in Quebec. 

We should change it to "Go home weather you've smoked far too much crack this evening".

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TL;DR "Heat records were being broken across Quebec two days ago. Tonight there are frost alerts across the province and temperatures will drop below freezing"

Case and point:

This week was hot and sunny in Quebec which is pretty unusual for this time of the year. Montreal even broke a 60 year old heat record only 2 short days ago. And yet somehow, Environment Canada has issued a frost advisory across the province of Quebec. 

We're going from 34°C to 2°C in only 2 days! 

According to Environment CanadaOvernight temperatures will drop to the freezing mark or slightly below. These conditions will repeat again Saturday night overnight.

The areas most affected will be:

  • Beauce                               
  • Drummondville - Bois-Francs                                    
  • Lanaudière                                       
  • Mauricie                                            
  • Québec                                              
  • Restigouche - Bonaventure                                       


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