Environment Canada Warning: Montreal And Surrounding Areas To Be Hit With Severe Overnight Storm

Environment Canada issued a special weather warning this afternoon for Montreal and surrounding areas.

Many parts of Southern Quebec, including Châteauguay - La Prairie, the Laval area, the Longueuil - Varennes area and Montréal Island will be hit with a winter storm.

Meteorologists warn that the storm, which is to increase in strength rapidly, will bring strong rains, snow and coastal flooding, may turn into another "bomb cyclone."

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TL;DR Environment Canada is warning of a winter storm that will affect much of Southern Quebec. The storm may turn into a "bomb cyclone" which will bring 10 to 15 centimetres of snow.

Environment issued a special weather warning, stating that "A winter storm moving up the East Coast of the United States will bring mixed precipitation beginning overnight tonight along the Saint-Lawrence Valley.

There will be periods of heavier snow, particularly Friday morning and Friday night as well as into Saturday morning.

There will also likely be periods of rain on Friday afternoon. It is difficult at this point to say how much snow will actually accumulate on the ground."

Though Environment Canada is unsure of exactly how many centimetres of precipitation we will receive due to temperatures yo-yo-ing around freezing, they are estimating that Southern Quebec will see about 10-15 c.m. of snow.

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Meteorologists are warning that this may turn into another "bomb cyclone," stating that "in addition to high winds with gusts as high as 60 mph as the storm lifts northward and strengthens, very cold air aloft will pivot southeastward and trigger gusty rain showers with small hail in some areas and heavy snow squalls in others."

Statistically, March is the worst month for blizzards and snowstorms. On the bright side, the month is drawing to an end, and we can expect spring any minute now... right?

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