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Environment Canada Warning: Tropical Storm Will Cause Violent Rainstorms In Montreal

The weather is finally cooling off! I'm so excited to bring out all my sweaters and cardigans out from the very back of my closet. It's finally jacket and hoodie weather! Most importantly, I can finally sleep! 

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As expected for this time of year, the weather will be erratic. September is usually characterized by super chilly mornings and sweltering hot afternoons. It's an issue only Montrealers know all too well: Getting dressed for two seasons each morning.

The next 24-hours of weather will call for jackets, boots, and an umbrella for sure as Montreal will be feeling the aftereffects of a tropical storm which hit the South Eastern United States over the weekend.

As a result of the storm, Montreal will be expecting some violent downpours and winds which will start today and continue throughout the evening and into Tuesday Morning. 

Via accuweather

Via accuweather

As you can see up to 20mm of precipitation is to be expected, so don't forget to pack your umbrella before leaving for work this morning.

Although the weather for the beginning of this week is looking quite bleak, I remain optimistic looking at the rest of the week's forecast as the weather still looking like it's going to stay in the balmy upper 20's for a few more days.

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