Environment Canada Warnings: Potentially Dangerous Smog Levels And Freezing Rain Coming To Southern Quebec

With the weekend finally about to begin, most of us were hoping for a break from the sub-zero, Arctic temperatures that have been endlessly hitting Quebec. Seriously, by now most of us are dreaming of summer days and doing everything to avoid this winter Ice Age.

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TL;DR Environment Canada has issued both a freezing rain and smog warning for southern Quebec, including the Montreal metro area. The conditions will bring icy roads as well as poor air quality. It's recommended to drive cautiously this evening while the warning is in effect.

Unfortunately, relief is not coming. In fact, conditions are about to worsen significantly.

This morning Environment Canada issused a freezing rain warning for southern Quebec. The Montreal and Laval areas should expect the unpleasant conditions later this afternoon.

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The dangerous rain will continue into the evening, with highways, roads, walkways, and parking lots becoming covered in ice. Environment Canada is warning Quebecers to remain cautious when driving this evening.

And if you thought it wouldn't be able to get any worse, we'll also be hit with dangerous smog across the province.

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The high concentration of pollutants will lead to extremely poor air quality, which will particularly affect anyone suffering from asthma, respiratory issues, or heart disease. 

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Wood heating is the main source of smog during the winter in Quebec. Environment Canada recommends limiting the use of any fireplaces or wood stoves, using public transit, reducing driving speed, and to not let your car engines idle unnecessarily. Doing these simple things will lead to less smog pollution in the winter.

Needless to say, you're going to want to spend your Friday night indoors. Stay tuned for more information on weather warnings in Quebec.

Read more about the Environment Canada warnings on the agency website.


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