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15 Pictures Of Celebrities Hanging Out And Partying

To be a fly on the wall in these pictures.
15 Pictures Of Celebrities Hanging Out And Partying

Famous people love to chill out with other celebrities. Who else would understand the unique situation of living in the public limelight? Brought together by common interests, interviews, or just mutual adoration, the social elite look great together, and you wish you were worthy to be there with them. Noting the public's fascination with celebrity friendships, tumblr "awesomepeoplehangingouttogether" has compiled some of the best celebrity group shots from the last 80 years, Take a walk down memory lane and check out some of the best below.

Beauty and The Geek  (Rihanna & Jim Parsons)

Comedy Legends (Williams, Crystal, Martin, & Chase)

Who Runs The World? (Streep & Clinton)

Girls. (Beyonce & Oprah)

Hip-Hop Swag (Jay-Z, JT, Nas, Timbaland)

Elbows Up (Page & Skarsgard)

Who Would Win?  (Arnie & Ali)

Queen Bees (Elton John, Lady Gaga, Sting)

Old School (Crosby, Sinatra, Garland)

Funny Ladies (Fey, Silverman, Liebovits, Poehler)

Legends (Obama, Springsteen, Jay-Z)

Canadian Flag Colours (Prof. X, Elmo, Magneto)

Juniors (Sammy Davis Jr. & Martin Luther King Jr.)

Star Cross'd Lovers (Fisher & Ford)

Best Hair in the Biz (Midler, Bowie, Jackson, Cher)

Source - Awesome People Hanging Out Together

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