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Escaped Boa Constrictor Is Missing From It's Home In Canada

Just in case you stumble across a 1.5 meter long snake.
Escaped Boa Constrictor Is Missing From It's Home In Canada

The thought of wild animals escaping their cages and making their way into the streets is a pretty terrifying thought. Basically, it's the type of thing that only happens in movies.  Or so we thought! 

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Some breaking news this morning is almost a nightmare come true; a boa constrictor escaped from it's home in Ottawa on Friday night and has been missing ever since. I never thought I'd say this but: A snake is on the loose.

The boa's name is Murphy, and he measures a massive 1.5 meters and escaped out the front door of the owners home which was ajar at the time.

According to a source, the snake's owner says that the snake has never been outside of her home before, and she is worried for her pet.

Although it's reassuring to know that the owner says the snake is probably terrified and hiding somewhere. Apparently, the snake is very shy.  Uhm, ok - let's just hope this is true.

That said, boas are none venemous, but they are still illegal to own according to the Ottawa by-laws.

The owners of the snake are offering $200 to anyone who spots and find Murphy the snake.


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