Eugénie Bouchard Agrees To Go On Date With Fan Who Donated $4000 To Health Care Workers
  • The well-known Québécoise tennis player, Eugénie Bouchard, agreed to go on a date with one of her fans after he promised to donate nearly 4000 USD to health care workers during this difficult time.
  • Read more about this (potential) love story below!

Eugénie Bouchard is an amazing tennis player who, we are proud to say, was born and raised in Quebec. Bouchard has previously posted a tweet saying "not complaining, but I feel like quarantine would be a lot more fun with a boyfriend." And needless to say, some of her fans took notice.

On Friday, April 10, during an Instagram live with Allie LaForce, a journalist and sports host, things got a little interesting.

The Instagram live was originally to discuss "life without sports" and help support LaForce's #projectfrontline.

But then, LaForce noticed an intriguing comment that Bob Menery, a well-known YouTuber and comedian, left on the live — and it motivated her to invite him into the conversation.

The comedian was offering £400, which converts to approximately 700 CAD, to have a date with the tennis star (once life goes back to normal, of course).

Allie LaForce challenged the comedian and proposed that he donates 3000 USD in support of hospital workers during this difficult time instead.

A reasonable request, if you ask me.

To everyone's surprise, Eugénie and Bob both accepted this agreement.

Let's be honest, if I had 3000 USD extra in my pocket, and knew that using it could help both a charity and get me on a date with my celebrity crush, I'd go for it.

The YouTuber then offered to chip in an extra £800 if Bouchard agreed to speak with a British accent during their date.

According to The Sun, she responded: "I'm going to say yes but I have no skill whatsoever in imitating accents."

Bob Menery confirmed that the date will officially be held during one of his Instagram live events. 

This may seem like a modern-day fairytale to come, but the comedian confirmed that the love story is not as romantic as he thought it would be — considering he had to go through Bouchard's agent to confirm the details of their date.

This story may not be what Disney movies are made of, but at least it's a great way of giving back to hospital workers while fulfilling a dream of one of Eugénie's fans.

And, as a bonus, it's a great story to come out of a dark time, and the positivity is what we need now.

Wishing Bouchard and Menery a great date!

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