Every Dog Lover Needs To Know About This Island In Canada Populated By Saint Bernards

The photos are too cute!
Every Dog Lover Needs To Know About This Island In Canada Populated By Saint Bernards

So, you love dogs. When you see one of the fluffy four-legged companions out and about in the city, you can't help but want to pet them. You find yourself purposely passing dog parks or going into dog cafés just to get some puppy love. You may even have a dog of your own. You really can't get enough of dogs, they're just that great!

Yes, this isn't a joke, there actually is a "dog island" in Canada! Here you'll find dozens of adorable Saint Bernards running free. Though their compound is not open to visitors, the photos of dozens of St Bernards running around the lush island are enough to make you swoon. If you're lucky, you may even run into them when you visit!

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TL;DR Lasqueti Island, home to 400 human inhabitants all living totally off-grid, is populated by adorable Saint Bernards that nearly outnumber the humans on the island. You can arrange an appointment to meet with the dogs, or catch glimpses of them while you tour the area. More details below.

It should be noted that the dogs aren't strays. They're actually all owned by Tikki Smith, who breeds and cares for the dogs. The dogs have even won several awards at various dog shows, and they also have their very own Facebook page!

Lasqueti Island is pretty secluded. There are only 400 human inhabitants, all carrying out self-sustainable jobs such as fishermen, loggers, farmers, artists and musicians. There are no paved roads or public transportation, the people living on the unknown piece of land all get their food from resources on the island and rely on solar panels, wind turbines, and water mills for electricity.

For some perspective, the island is about the size of Manhattan, despite being the total opposite of the major city. It's an oasis for both humans and dogs, and offers the perfect off-grid living experience.

You can plan a visit to the island through theLasqueti Island website, where you can pick from different accomodations and opportunities, like helping your host with day-to-day chores and jobs (the best way to experience the island life).

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The dogs that call the island home aren't a tourist destination, as they do live on private property, but you might get lucky as the family that owns the adorable pups will occasionally accept visitors by appointment. The other alternative is being in the right place at the right time, as you may be able to catch the dozens of Saint Bernards on one of their daily walks through the island's forests.

Are you ready to visit Lasqueti Island?

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