Every Montreal Borough Designed In The Style Of The Montreal Expos Logo

Taking your hood to the streets.
Every Montreal Borough Designed In The Style Of The Montreal Expos Logo

Time to show your neighbourhood pride, and wear it too, with the Montreal-made MONHOOD t-shirt line. Designed by Montrealers, for Montrealers, each and every shirt will make you look fly, and help aid the city too.

Having just launched the newly designed "Expos Collection" by Danielle Jones you can stylishly rep 16 different Montreal boroughs; Downtown, Griffintown, NDG, VSL, The Village, St. Henri, Mile End, HOMA, Little Italy, Le Plateau, Verdun even La Pointe to name a few, while sporting the iconic blue and red of colours of Montreal's old MLB team.

Created and designed by local Montreal artists, the purchase of every shirt goes directly to the Montrealer who made it, with a portion of the proceeds also going to a specific Montreal charity. 6 different charities are sponsored by MONHOOD, see who you'll donate to here.

More than just a fashion line, MONHOOD wants to empower Montrealers and improve the city by asking "What’s good in the 'hood?" which will be collected on an online portal which they are discussing doing in collaboration with Montreal Tourism.

Jumping off from there, the inhabitants will then later be asked "what’s not so good in the 'hood?" which will be a portal in collaboration with the city where Montrealers can then vote on things they feel need to be improved upon across the city. MONHOOD will then create a “kickstarter” like campaign and raise funds to help fix the problem along with allocating volunteers to help out if necessary.

You may recognize I Love MONHOOD by seeing them right here on the site, as we featured their ongoing image campaign by Montreal artist LoogArt (aka Chris Soueidan) who recreated Montreal's many boroughs into sleek and sexy skylines which you can check out here.

To get your MONHOOD EXPOs collection shirt right now, head over to their online store. Be sure to keep up to date with all things MONHOOD by Liking their FB page too, and follow them on Instagram, as they will soon be launching new clothing lines with the famous art group En Masse and Ryan Labrosse.

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