Every Single Time Drake Acted Wild Courtside At Toronto Raptors Games Since Being Named Global Ambassador

Champagne Papi is the gift that keeps on giving.
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Every Single Time Drake Acted Wild Courtside At Toronto Raptors Games Since Being Named Global Ambassador

It's no secret that Drake's fandom for the Toronto Raptors extends beyond casual viewing. In fact, Drake is often an active participant in the game, whether fans, players, or even the NBA like it or not. 

Some argue that his antics are disruptive and give the Raptors a bad name. The team is currently in their first-ever NBA Finals and I don't think that Drake is distracting them one bit after they beat the Warriors last night 118-109. 

Coaches, broadcasters, and even the NBA itself has tried to step in andwarn the Raptors that Drake's courtside behaviour won't be tolerated but it seems that nothing can stop Champagne Papi from doing what he does best - play the pest. 

This isn't the first time Drake has been seen behaving questionably courtside, though. He's been a fixture at Toronto Raptors games ever since he became their global ambassador in 2013 and his antics have been well-documented. 

Here's just a short history of Drake's courtside behaviour throughout the years.

Last night, we saw some of his most memorable moments. From wearing Steph Curry's dad's jersey to picking out the lint from the player's hair, Drake was at his petulant best. None more memorable than these pleasantries exchanged with Draymond Green. 

A seasoned trash-talker, in 2016, Drake forced a Chicago Bulls player to commit a foul because he wouldn't stop chirping in his ear. Needless to say, the Bulls were livid but no action was taken against Drake. 

It seems that calling opposing players "trash" is his go-to move because he's often seen mouthing it to whoever misses a shot or a dunk. 

He also loves to troll opposing players by gesticulating in their general direction. 

Sometimes though, it'll backfire on him and players will clap-back as Lebron James did during a playoff series in 2016. 

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I can understand why people think he's incredibly disruptive because sometimes, he's a needless accessory to an otherwise perfect moment such as the time Lebron guarded Kobe Bryant at the 2016 NBA All-Star Game. 

During the 2014 NBA Playoffs, he bizarrely began lint-rolling his pants on the sidelines. 

When the Raptors beat the Milwaukee Bucks last week to reach their first-ever NBA Final, Drake decided it was a good idea to give Raptors head coach Nick Nurse a shoulder rub. 

Clearly, coaches are fed up with Drake's antics and have gone on record imploring the league to do something about it. 

Whether or not the NBA will take action against Drake remains to be seen. So far, other than a stern warning, it doesn't seem like they will.

It's clear that the fans have a mostly love and maybe a little bit of hate for the superstar rap artist but Drake is here to stay and he doesn't give a damn about what you think. 

Game 2 is underway on Sunday at 6PM! Go Raptors!!


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